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Eco Laundry Franchise Opportunities

Your opportunity to own an Eco-Friendly Laundromat Franchise that is rewarding on so many levels

Join The Eco Laundry Company’s eco-friendly franchise program, and provide valuable services to your local community as you take control of your own professional and personal future – and do something to help the environment!

Wash Pants. Save the World.TM Owning and operating a business like The Eco Laundry Company’s eco-friendly laundromat franchise is great for owners who value social responsibility. We seek like-minded entrepreneurs who fully understand and identify with our mission and philosophy, and know that there must be fundamental business and economic reasons for joining our concept.

Here are some dynamics in today’s marketplace that prove that The Eco Laundry Company’s focus on sustainability simply makes good business sense.

  • Sector Growth: Recent publications state that “greener industries grow faster than the overall economy….Projections for the next 10 years suggest continued jobs benefits from green intensity.”
  • Consumer Preferences: A recent study says consumers “look favorably at companies that adopt sustainable practices.” In fact, a significant number of consumers state that a company’s “greenness” contributes to their purchasing decisions – with 50% saying it’s somewhat important, and 34% indicating it’s very important.
  • Market Imperatives: According to an Intuit 2020 Report, sustainability will become a “competitive requirement for small business within the next ten years, moving from social novelty to business necessity,” with growing demand from “a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, employees and government.” Resource productivity “will become a central driver of competitiveness in many industries,” and “consumers and business customers will increasingly demand sustainable business practices, products and services.”


Become a pioneer in eco-friendly laundry! Fill out the form below or give as a call at: (646) 838-8878

The Eco Laundry Company business model was designed from the beginning to do more than provide meet customers’ laundry service needs – it strives to make a positive impact.

Become a laundromat franchise owner with The Eco Laundry Company, and join our sustainable business and have a positive impact immediately.

And, you can do it all with confidence, knowing that you will:

Serve a wide variety of customers with a variety of services

Our customers range from individuals of all ages and demographics – even celebrities! – who bring in their laundry regularly, to commercial clients such as restaurants, retail stores, massage therapists, and other large and small corporate accounts.

Everyone needs to have their clothing and other items laundered or cleaned at some point. As you provide wash & fold, dry cleaning, garment pick-up & drop-off, or even tailoring services, you also impact your business’ bottom line.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Most independent dry cleaning and laundry businesses do not share our underlying, core missions of educating consumers, combating climate change, and leveling inequality. As a result, few laundry businesses have received the positive reaction from the public and the press that we have.

Rely on an experienced team

We are committed to continually improving our business model and processes, and have support functions in place that will help you effectively duplicate our concept in your neighborhood, and keep it operating in top form. You will have access to our dedicated team of professionals and to all the tools, training, and programs that will help ensure your environmental franchise is doing all the right things from day one.

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